Mom, wife, owner & lead photograpger

Hi, I'm Brianna.

I'm the founder & photographer behind this woman loving, fear crushing, body-positive boudoir career otherwise known as Boudoir by Brianna Rose Studios. I'm a momma. which means I have stretch marks, have weight to lose and the list goes on and on about what I could change with myself, but I've learned to love my self through the art of photography.

Stop making excuses and putting it off! I help women break down their walls and learn that there is no definition of beauty.

I have been so fortunate enough to show women of all shapes and sizes, that their flaws make them beautiful! That imperfection is beauty. I believe that everyone deserves to feel beautiful, sexy, and empowered! Sometimes the first step in your self-love journey is trusting me to show you what I see in you.

Mom of 4, associate photographer, + personal hype girl.

Joanna Sweat

Yup, that's the right spelling to my name! It's pronounced exactly how it looks - like the perspiration - not sweet. (although, I am rather sweet) I live to empower all the babes who come into the studio!

I have 4 kiddo's: 3 boys, 1 girl, between the ages of 6-12. We also have a cat named Oreo .. if you haven't guessed yet, he's black and white. My kids are uber creative. It's definitely a full house around here.

makeup artist & lash artist 

Dazee Dalton

Dazee has been doing makeup professionally for 7 years now. She quickly became even more passionate for makeup application when seeing client's reactions. There's nothing like making women feel as beautiful as they really are! Dazee is also a lash tech and owns a small business clothing line for mental health advocacy and sobriety awareness!